Monday, August 9, 2010

An evening with Roseanne Cash and Michele Rollins

I've been to my share of concerts and performances, but rarely have I enjoyed the kind of evening that was held Saturday at the Smyrna Opera House.

Roseanne Cash was gracious and charming - she spent time before the show with a roomful of loyal fans. She was kind enough to autograph a copy of her new book "Composed" for my daughter and we got to meet Roseanne's daughter, too.

This was also my first time at the Smyrna Opera House - and it reinforces my prejudice that Delaware is not only a gem of a state, but that we have precious gems in every part of the state - the Smyrna Opera House is a terrific venue, extremely comfortable with great acoustics, I look forward to more shows there.

While the audience filled the Opera House, the concert had the intimate feel of a family gathering in a living room.

So, why was Roseanne Cash performing in Smyrna? Because her friend, Michele Rollins, asked her to.

Throughout the evening we got to hear great stories about time spent between the Cash and Rollins families - including Roseanne reading a portion of her new book about shared family vacations.

And yes, there was excitement about Michele Rollins' campaign - Roseanne Cash made it clear throughout the evening that even though she's a vocal supporter of many in the Democrat Party, she knows Michele Rollins and knows she has the brains and the guts needed to be a positive force in the U.S. Congress.

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