Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Book review - "Primal" with Mark Batterson

First, a couple of items in the "full disclosure" category:

So, here's the review:

It is clear from the opening pages that Mark Batterson is not interested in just selling some books and offering tidbits of wisdom and insight to make the reader feel more comfortable, more secure, and more spiritual for reading the book.

Almost every page is a call to action - whether Batterson is sharing some of his own struggles or the experiences of others who have taken unbelievable risks, he seems to be consistently challenging the reader to do something: Live, Risk, Love, Give, Lead, Explore, Move.

It appears that Mr. Batterson is more interested in inspiring a movement than anything else - all I can say is that if enough leaders and future leaders take this message and make it their own, then we will see a very different world in a short period of time.

My challenge to anyone reading this review is simple - get a copy of this book, open it to any page and start reading - let me know if you don't then feel like doing something daring, something life changing, something Primal.

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