Wednesday, November 11, 2009

preparing for Frank Schaeffer's visit to Delaware

So, a couple of years ago I sent an e-mail to Frank Schaeffer, just letting him know that I appreciated his writings and that I would be using some of his material in a discussion I was leading at the time.

Frank responded and, next thing you know, we're exchanging e-mails from time to time - most of my e-mails ended with something like, "let me know if you're coming to the Philadelphia/Baltimore area for a book-signing or anything" - a few months ago Frank sent me an e-mail saying his new book would be published soon and I should see if anyone would want to bring him in as part of the book tour.

A couple of phone calls and e-mails later, and the great folks at the Community for Integrative Learning said, "Yes, we'd love to bring Frank Schaeffer to Wilmington!"

As we're preparing for his visit this Friday, I find myself reflecting on just how much of an impact Frank has had on my thinking - it was Frank's writings that introduced me to an appreciation for great art, film, history, writing, and clear thinking. It was also because of Frank that I discovered P.J. O'Rourke, which led to enjoying Christopher Buckley. Ironically, it was this time last year that I went to see Christopher Buckley in Philadelphia - and he and Frank have both been criticized heavily by people who used to appreciate them for the same reason, both men openly endorsed Obama in the '08 Presidential Race.

If you get a chance, check out my Twitter postings this Friday - I'll be getting Frank to his interviews during the day - first, Radio Times on WHYY at 11:00 AM, then Rick Jensen on WDEL at 2:00 - and, of course, the discussion Friday evening at First and Central Presbyterian Church in Wilmington.

You can read a great article about Frank by Gary Soulsman here.
You can read more about Frank on his web site here.
You can find out more about Friday evening's event here (please come on out - walk-ins are welcome).

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