Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Networking Group is Up and Running!

True Confession Time:

When Bill Barto, Jon Boulet, and I first met to discuss the possibility of setting up a networking group for employment opportunities, I was pretty nervous - I mean, it sounds good, but what if nobody shows up? What if those who do aren't interested in participating? What if it all falls flat?

So, I put up the post, sent out a couple of e-mails, posted on facebook, linkedIn, and twitter - and the next thing you know, I'm getting e-mails from people saying they're planning on coming - then the meeting is featured in the News Journal and on WJBR radio - and then the meeting time came.

About 50 people packed the room.

And for 90 minutes a spirit of pure energy and generousity permeated the room - people shared their experiences, talked about exciting ideas, and connected in ways I don't think any of us expected. While the formal meeting ended at 8:30, the sharing and networking continued for another hour.

So, what's next? I'm glad you asked!

The next meeting is scheduled for this Friday morning, February 20, at 9:30 AM - the good people at Hockessin Baptist Church have agreed to host this group.

I'm also excited because a number of people contacted me after seeing the article in the paper and let me know they've either just started a similar group or are getting ready to start one - I see some real potential for networking among the neetworks coming up!

If you are curious, want to help, want to see what this is about, please come out Friday and stay tuned - there's going to be a web site created soon -- I'll keep things updated here as well.

Let me just say this to everyone who was there last night and to everyone who couldn't make it but called or e-mailed: THANK YOU!!! You have already played a significant role in making this group a huge success!

P.S. Big thanks to Libby Foester for the great photo - check out her stuff here:


Laurie said...

It was a great meeting, Ken - an idea whose time had definitely come! I'm so glad the meetings will continue - and will generate the creation of others. The new saying is "You can never be too rich or have too many people in your network!" Thank you for braving your misgivings and giving us connections in their place.

Rodney said...

Thank you and congratulations go out to Ken and all of his associates for bringing this concept to fruition. I laid in my bed last night and thought about every story that was shared. It is my honor to Chair this group. In tomorrows meeting, we will solidify a structure and a name for our group. We will try to keep a format to the meetings, how long will be determined by attendance. There will be open networking before and after the structured portion of the meeting. This group will mold and adapt to serve every individual that seeks assistance, looks to support our group or would just like to meet new people and network. Thank you all for joining us last night and it was my pleasure to make your acquaintance. I can be contacted directly via my phone or by email. Best Wishes!

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