Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Has John Cleese seen my company's video?

Anyone who knows me knows all about the fun video our company put together a few months back:

So the question now is, has John Cleese seen this?

Here's the evidence I have that indicates he may have:

1) I sent a comment to his blog which needs to have approval before being published, after weeks of waiting, the submission is now posted - click here for exhibit A (scroll down to comment #12)

2) I just received a google alert showing that the video was added to the Cleese page on Funny or Die - click here for exhibit B (scroll down to the 9th video - feel free to give it a "funny" vote while you're there)

So, what do you think? Have you seen or heard anything that indicates he (or any of the other members of Monty Python) have seen this video?

I appreciate any thoughts/insights anyone can offer.


Anonymous said...

Are you the guy with the lye?

Ken said...

Interesting question - the role was originally written with me in mind, but I thought Jim Jones brought a lot more to the role. My part was to be the voice of the announcer during the intermission.

My wife and daughter are both part of the "Angrye Mobbe" and my son is one of the guards (the one with the longest hair).

I really cannot tell you how much fun we had filming this!