Wednesday, October 17, 2007

take a survey - help a friend

I know how much you all love surveys (seriously, it's the most popular feature on here -- you guys are just survey taking maniacs!) -- so here's a way to take a survey and help a good friend earn his masters degree:
As part of my Psychology masters course I have to go out and survey people about their thoughts on pleasure and their views on what is a good life. This survey was written by one of our professors and takes about 15mins to do - it's all multiple choice except for one question which asks you to think a little about life and respond. We were given the assignment tonight. The deadline is Sunday. We were sent a 12 page illegible word document to ask people to fill in. My friend and cohort mate Alan thought compiling it into a "surveymonkey" might be easier, so he did. Bless him!

If you found a moment to help me out here at some point this week that would be amazing.

Here's the link:

Let me know if you have any questions about the survey (except for Better Life vs Pleasurable Life). Some of the question wording is a little weird for which I apologize. It's entirely anonymous. There's no right or wrong answers and no need to think too hard about anything in it. Just make sure you put "Brian" in the first field.

No pressure at all. Let me know if you did take it, so I can tell Alan that X number of the surveys are my data.

This came from a visiting professor, so I don't know what he's getting at yet. But I promise to explain it to you if you want to know after his lectures in November.

If you actually enjoyed this, feel free to send it on to other friends, as long as they put "Brian" in the first box.

Thank you - Brian
So, take the survey and just make a little notation in the comments section here so Brian can have an accurate count (you can remain anonymous and I'm not even going to ask how you answered any of the questions).

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