Monday, November 5, 2012

Day before election day 2012 - my 50+ predictions...

Today is Monday, November 5, 2012 - the day before Election Day - and I am going to make more than 50 bold predictions about tomorrow's races!

I know a lot of pundits are hedging their bets when it comes to making absolute predictions, but I am not some weak, wishy-washy, namby-pamby wanna-be when it comes to calling political races.

That is why I'm going on the record right here and now to offer my predictions in more than 50 political races throughout the state of Delaware. You can screen capture this page now to show that I don't make any changes Tuesday night when the results come in - then compare my predictions with the results and you will see how accurate I am.

And while I am normally not a betting man, I'm willing to wager on any or all of these races - let me know how much money you want to put up!

OK, here's the predictions:

Senate District 1    Harris B. McDowell, III
Senate District 2    Margaret Rose Henry
Senate District 3    Robert I. Marshall
Senate District 7    Patricia M. Blevins
Senate District 9    Karen E. Peterson
Senate District 10  Bethany Hall-Long
Senate District 13  David B. McBride
Senate District 16  Colin Bonini
Senate District 17  Brian J. Bushweller
Senate District 18  Gary F. Simpson

Rep District 1   Charles Potter Jr.
Rep District 2    Stephanie T. Bolden
Rep District 3    Helene M. Keeley
Rep District 4    Gerald L. Brady
Rep District 5    Melanie George Smith
Rep District 9    Rebecca Walker
Rep District 12  Deborah D. Hudson
Rep District 13  John Mitchell
Rep District 14  Peter C. Schwartzkopf
Rep District 15  Valerie Longhurst
Rep District 16  James Johnson
Rep District 18  Michael Barbieri
Rep District 21  Michael Ramone
Rep District 24  Edward S. Osienski
Rep District 25  John A. Kowalko, Jr.
Rep District 26  John J. Viola
Rep District 27  Earl Jacques
Rep District 30  William R. Outten
Rep District 35  David L. Wilson
Rep District 36  Harvey R. Kenton
Rep District 39  Daniel B. Short

City of Wilmington Mayor  Dennis P. Williams
City Treasurer  Henry W. Supinski
President of City Council  Theopalis Gregory, Sr.
City Council District 1  Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha
City Council District 2  Ernest M. Congo II
City Council District 3  Darius Brown
City Council District 4  Hanifa Shabazz
City Council District 5  Samuel Prado
City Council District 6  Sherry Dorsey-Walker
City Council District 7  Robert A. Williams
City Council District 8  Charles M. Freel

New Castle County Clerk of the Peace  Kenneth W. Boulden Jr.

New Castle County Council District 7   George Smiley
New Castle County Council District 8   John J. Cartier
New Castle County Council District 10  Jea P. Street
New Castle County Council District 11  David L. Tackett
New Castle County Council District 12  William Bell

Kent County Clerk of the Peace    Loretta L. Wootten
Kent County Register of Wills   Harold K. Brode
Kent County Levy Court District 1   Brooks P. Banta
Kent County Levy Court District 3   Allan Angel

Sussex County Council District 1   Michael H. Vincent


Liane said...

Ken - You did the easy ones. I don't see your predictions for the close races. Liane

Srini Lokula said...

Ken - Yes, you are correct.

Some of the politicians are getting elected unanimously. It is so strange. Either the politicians are doing a great job or other party is completely not interested in contesting.

I would agree some politicians do a good job (yes -not a great job)and people are happy with those good services.

Cheers to You!

Srini Lokula